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The Death of a Toad Response

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            Wilson Brannock

April 19, 2012

1st Period

Start Time: 10:20 End Time: 10:43

Suggested Time: 40 Minutes

The poem “The Death of a Toad” explains the death of a toad in a very unique way. The way that Richard Wibur uses his literary technique to describe the death creates a very powerful image. It can all be seen in the tone and style of his writing. He turned one simple event into a tragic event.

The structure of the poem is very strange. The rhyme scheme is very random in each part of the poem. The tone however, is the same throughout the poem. Richard is explaining the death of the frog very tragically. It can be seen when he explains that the toad was caught by what appears to be a lawn mower. The poem ends with the inevitable death of the toad.

The diction that he uses is very complex. He does not use simple diction to explain the death of the toad. This can be seen in lines 13-14, “Toward misted and ebullient seas, And cooling shores, toward lost Amphibia’s emperies”. This explains that the toad is going to it’s heaven. It creates a sense that the Toad dies and finds its way to heaven.

The images that are created are very powerful such as the toad ascending to heaven. The death is very dramatic as is explained that his leg was chipped by a power mower. Then the toad lays there facing its inevitable death. It creates a very close-up image of a toad that we would normally look over if we ran it over with a lawn-mower. Richard creates a scene of death that is just as sincere as a human’s.


A Whitney Houston Tribute

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To be honest I was barely familiar with who Whitney Houston was as a vocalist until my recent years of high school. My knowledge sparked when I decided to just look her up one day and listen to her music. I have a very broad taste in music in which I listen to everything. All I can say is that her voice is amazing, which shall inspire future singers for years to come.

One of her very best performances can be seen here where she performs her hit single “I Will Always Love You”.

The Good Earth Creative Response

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Everyday I look up in the sky,

I watch the clouds go by.

I tend to my fields with care,

Until my feet are bare.

My beloved wife bore my seed,

My mistress gave me what I need.

My son was my pride and joy,

But he used my other wife as a toy.

As I lost what I need most,

I lay here and slowly turn into a ghost.

Middle Child Response

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I feel in this story I feel that the author describes an incident where she tried to rid of her brother’s annoyance. This can be seen when she mentions that in the past he used to pee on her shoes when she was not looking and behead her barbie dolls. This shows the stereotypical brother-sister relationship. When you are kids you and your sister or brother are always at eachother’s throats. You hate to see one do better do one another or get  more attention than the other.

The simple fact of jealousy can be seen when the author mentions Cain. Cain, in the bible, kills his brother Abel because God rejects his produce but accepts Abel’s animal offerings. Cain was jealous and slayed his brother. Today brothers and sisters are always going for their parent’s attention. They want to be the best child in their parent’s eyes. Judging from experience, girls take it a little more to the heart than boys which may drive them to do such things like taking a pillow to a sibling’s face.

Mushrooms Response

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In the poem, Mushrooms, it seems as if Path is trying to paint a picture that there are shadows in society. Shadows are all around but never really noticed or appreciated. Just like mushrooms, they are throughout the grass, but do we really take time and notice them or really appreciate them. It is the “mushrooms” in today’s society that make up the majority of the population but the minority of the acknowledged accomplishments and credit. This can relate to the lower class or those who just don’t have public stature.

I can relate to this poem to the sense of feeling invisible to everybody and everything. It’s feels as if you put so much effort into life you really don’t get noticed or appreciated for it. It creates a sense of carelessness and destroys motivation none the less. Comparing yourself to mushroom can be taken in many ways. You can take in the sense as being unnoticed or not appreciated. You can also take in the sense as not fitting in with the rest of the world.

The Unknown Soldier Response

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While reading The Unknown Soldier, I have made observations that I connected real life events in my life to the text. The text gives off a dark and mysterious form and has very descriptive syntax. I connected this to real life with the strong sense of death in the text to the real life situations people go through when things get tough and a sense of depression and think of a suicidal way out. While reading the various accounts in the text, do you think that the narrator is asking to have his or her life taken away or something totally different? My personal opinion is that the narrator is going through a tough time and is rambling on about various ways of dying and people’s reactions to his or her death.

I claim that the narrator is expressing his or her thoughts on how people react to his or her death. One example can be seen in the text here, “They laughed about me over baked meats and rye whiskey. They didn’t know who I was when they fished me out and still don’t know six months later.” This is one of the various reactions the narrator brought up throughout the text. It shows as if he or she thinks of their self as  worthless and not worth remembering.

About Me

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Hello, My name is Wilson and I am a typical teenager who spends most of his time daydreaming.  Currently I am working a simple job to satisfy my goals and aspirations of become a car enthusiast. I am currently a senior in a semi-urban high school in the Southeastern United States. My blog has been created to express my thoughts, ideas, and emotions towards works of art, poetry, and literature.